Everything has a beginning….

This site is both a marker and reference point for the various destinations, flavors and interests that come across Devika & my, Charlie’s, travels as we begin our life together. We’ve both got a bit of a vagabond lifestyle in our hearts and this blog is a way in which we want to share our explorations and discoveries with others – some tidbits which will be helpful for those on the road & other anecdotes which will serve as friendly reminders even for our own selves.

To give you a little sense of who your writers are… Devika grew up in Africa as somewhat of a Third Culture Kid. She not only put herself through the numerous hurdles to reach the ‘American Dream’ of success in New York, but realized en route that there was so much more to see in life and gave it all up (work visa, well paying job in consulting and the lifestyle that comes with it) to explore her own passions of travel and wanderlust. This not only brought her to various destinations ranging from Buenos Aires, to Maui, to Chiang Mai, but also led her to meet Charlie (me) in the south of India.

Now, I have always had a bit of wanderlust in my blood; following projects across the Middle East and Asia until I finally felt more at home in India… or so I had thought. The hardest part of having this love for the unknown and always uprooting every other year was finding someone that had an understanding and longing for that same lifestyle; someone that you knew you could grow with over the years, even as the world, languages and cultures around you were ever changing. Yet at the same time, you could situate yourself in one location, build your routines, find new corners of that same place and all the time feel a sense of balance for the time being. It is only with Devika that this understanding ever resonated and that never ending desire to explore thrives.

When I proposed to her, I promised her that we would have a life of adventures and where some would prove challenging, others would show us a world that we never could have imagined. So, with my heart in my hands and the Himalayas as our audience, she said yes and our journey has begun… After our wedding in Kolkata, we chose to take this first year of our marriage on the road and we are inviting you for the ride. We will do our best not to be too much like that annoying lovey dovey couple who are off on their honeymoon who just so happen to be conveniently seated in front of you on a long flight. Rather, we’ll let you see some of what we see along the way and get a taste of some of our favorite encounters. So, friends, family and fellow travelers, without any further adieu, we invite you to enjoy the journey with us 🙂

We are dedicating this space to all those who made this dream possible. A BIG THANK YOU! (just in case you haven’t heard us say it enough). Enjoy and may you reading vicariously through us encourage you to take up your heart’s desires.



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  1. I plan to be an eager reader of your blog, guys. But, as I just wrote in my FB post, stay safe as you explore. Be prudent in the adventures you select. The world is not as safe and *warm fuzzy* as it once was

  2. i love this! Mucho amor for both of you.. I hope our paths cross once again soon. Keep it safe and happy

  3. So excited to follow along and so incredibly happy that you both found fellow travelers and adventurers in each other 🙂

  4. Hurrah! To my most favourite refugee wanderers, I salute you. Never tread with fear. Always step with a big heart. The road will always provide refuge and opportunities. 3….2…..1……You are now bookmarked! With all my love xx

    • “They are but great travelers of the world.” We will always love your words, Jen. Thanks for following! Looking forward to sharing more stories down the line. Sending a big hug from the road.

  5. Off to a beautiful start. Looking forward to following you two along the way! Happy travels.

  6. I’ll be hungrily following and voraciously reading. Can’t wait to hear the next chapter. Travel safe and may our paths cross again soon. One love my friends.

  7. Just read this beautiful little piece and I’m so so thrilled! On another note, I’m writing a blog post about Kolkata so check it out when it’s up!

    Lots of love and luck to you two ❤

    • Thanks Vasudha!! Started following you, so we’ll be keeping up with your posts too – can’t wait to read your thoughts on Kolkata 🙂 Lots of love lady – xoxo

  8. Very, very cool. I am proud of both of you, and will be following your adventures with joy and love!

  9. Mary and bill Green February 11, 2015 — 9:20 pm

    You do sound like honeymooners! Please be careful out there. Look up your cousin Joe. He ,his wife and son live in a little town called LaVettola,Pisa, Italy. I’ll send their phone number to your Mom.
    Make sure when you get to the States we get together for a celebration and show Devika the “worm”. Love, Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill

    • Thanks Mary & Bill! We love your support and thanks so much for your generosity!! It might be difficult for us to meet up with Joe on this trip, but we do look forward to when all of our paths cross in the States. In the meantime, we’re sending lots of love and hope you enjoy our blog.

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