Kuang Si Waterfalls

Perhaps the most famous waterfall in Laos, Tad Kuang Si is a multi-layered series of cascades and turquoise pools snaking down meters of lush green forest. Located 29km outside Luang Prabang, our next stop, it is one of the city’s most heavily promoted attractions and one we were keen to check out ourselves.


Despite the commercialization of the falls and the large number of tourists, we really loved Tad Kuang Si. Getting there early (11am), we were able to have the falls relatively uncrowded and they were just as spectacular as the pictures. We did spend quite some time photographing the cascades and taking a dip in the chilly waters, but that’s not all you can do there. We loved the steep climb to the top of the falls and there are a few hiking trails from there through forests where you can truly escape the crowds.

See below for traveller tips šŸ™‚

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Traveller Tips

  • Getting there from Luang Prabang is very easy, and most tuk-tuks and songthaews will approach you before you approach them, flashing flyers of Tad Kuang Si in hopes of gaining your business. We found that the main street, Th Sisavangvong was the easiest place to catch one. The more people in your group, the cheaper the price so try to round up as many people as possible before bargaining with the driver. We paid 30,000 kip (just under $4) each for a return journey and agreed amongst our group that we’d spend 4 hours at the waterfall. 
  • At the entrance, stalls line both sides of the road selling snacks and other trinkets. Everything was slightly overpriced so we’d recommend bringing food and water from Luang Prabang. 
  • The entrance fee to the falls is 20,000k and includes a walk through a bear sanctuary built inside the park.
  • Remember to get there early to avoid the large tour groups!

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